This weekend’s garage/estate sale finds

This is a cute little telephone table/bench I picked up for $10!  Yes, what a great buy.  The lady had already refinished and painted it black.  I snagged the lamp out of the office to put on it, but it is still a work in progress.  Definitely need something to hang on the wall above it and I haven’t quite figured out what I want on the little table part.  But, I think it is going to be a great place for people to put their purses, bags, etc when they come over to visit
And this find was only $2!  I already cleaned it all up, it was pretty dusty, and hung it in the guest bathroom.  I love it!  Of course there are now three mirrors in the little bitty powder room but that is OK.  You can now see yourself from all sides when you are in there.  🙂
I also got some random scrapbooking stuff and an airtight container to keep our classroom snacks.  It was a pretty good day in garage sale land!

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