I am feeling crafty today!

OK, I got my first three finished pieces back from my pottery class today.  I really couldn’t wait to get there and see how they came out.  Since they are my first finished pieces, I had no idea what to expect.  I am proud to say that they look great!  The two teachers and the three other students ALL gave me high praise.  So, here they are——

Now after picking up my plates/bowls and spending 2 1/2 hours glazing 3 other pieces that I hope to bring home next week, I came home and continued my creative endeavors.  I made Christopher a banner for his birthday that we can hang up each year.  (Thanks Amy for the super idea—I hope your are as proud of my final product as I am).  So check it out! 
Now before you ask, yes, I made a banner for Evan too.  His banner is still drying though and not quite finished.  I will post pics of it tomorrow. 
Thanks for checking out my projects!

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