What a weekend!!!!

Wow!  It is only Saturday night and we have already filled up the weekend!
First, last night, I had a fantastic girls’ night out with four wonderful women that I am lucky and blessed to call friends.  Thank you girls!  Can’t wait for the next one. šŸ™‚

This morning it was on to treasure hunting, and we had a fabulous day! 

First, is that a Coach handbag I see?

No, it’s TWO Coach handbags and a Dooney and Bourke!

And how much did they cost you ask?  $5 TOTAL!!! That’s right FIVE DOLLARS—woohooo!!! Go me!!!

We also got a practically new table, four chairs and two umbrellas for the deck and a new card table with chairs–so ready for the next Bunco!

Annd, I had pottery class today.  Picked up several new finished pieces and sculpted a few more.  Here are the pics, but don’t look too closely, you may be seeing these again under your Christmas tree.  LOL

AND THEN, we were off to the fair!
Now, for those of you who have never been to the West Texas Fair and Rodeo, it is an annual event, held every September.  When you attend the WTFR you MUST do the following:
1. stop at the petting area and check out the animals
2.  go through the Round Building and whatever the next building is called, to check out all the fair entries and see if anyone you know won any ribbons.
3.  Go through the Living Mall building and check out the info on agriculture, the baby pigs and Angel the cow.
4.  Go through the display building to check out all the vendors. 
5.  Win a goldfish at the carnival booths
and maybe a Beta fish or hermit crab to go along with it
6. Play some outrageously priced carnival games to win a humongous stuffed animal you don’t really want or need
7.  Ride some creaky, cranky carnival rides and wonder at the safety of said rides.
8.  Eat Aggie fries, roasted corn, and drink the best fresh squeezed lemonade EVER!  (and if you are my husband get a turkey leg, and if you are my boys a funnel cake)
9.  See lots of people you know!  (and love!)
10.  Wave goodbye to the animals as you walk out with your  fish, crab, stuffed animals, turkey leg and carmel apple.  We’ll do it all again next year!

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