I am thankful for…..

I’m just going to add to this as I think of things but right now I am thankful for . . .

These two maniacs!
And their Daddy.  (I think that makes them “Michael and the Maniacs) And that he works very hard to allow me to work at a job that I love that provides many benefits to our family other than a lucrative income.  LOL
Parchment paper
pumpkin pie
a snuggly blanket
fresh smelling laundry and clean sheets
that I listened and moved on when I was told to a year ago—cuz I love my current job!
the wonderful ladies I get to work with everyday and that I am lucky to call my friends. 
my home and my neighborhood
This lazy girl
The kids I work with every day.
All my former HSU students
Facebook! and how it allows me to keep in touch with so many wonderful people I love
The period between Halloween and New Years
That my kids are healthy and happy
That my family loves me, despite me LOL
flannel sheets on cold, cold nights
time with family and friends to be silly
bunco and girls’ night out!
The $1 aisles at Michael’s and Target
Pottery class
quiet time
Christmas music
Bedtime—for my kids!!
Christmas decorations
My laptop
That I was born and live in the US
That there are men and women willing so sacrifice to protect me and my family (my dad and brother in law among them)
Cuddling with my boys
A clean house–particularly a clean bathroom and empty dishwasher 🙂
My many, many, often underserved, blessings including the love, caring and kindness of all the wonderful people in my life

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