Happy, excited and tired! Oh! and cold!

OK, I’ve told you about the healthy eating plan and I am so excited and pleased and happy and blessed to report that I’ve lost 7 pounds in my first week.  I know that not every week will yield such a large loss, some weeks may have no loss at all, but I have to say that this was a great reward for the first week.  Especially, since I was feeling discouraged that I had only been able to work out once this week because of the bronchitis.  In fact, I couldn’t believe the scale this morning and actually weighed myself twice.  🙂
Now, here is my challenge. To keep it up.  I’ve passed the first week and I need to maintain my new eating plan.  It has been very easy in the past for me to get lax once I start seeing results and then i just end up sabotaging myself.  I also need to start exercising. The doctor told me to take it easy this weekend to get over this durn illness so I am giving myself “off” until Monday.  Then it is ON!! Like Donkey Kong!!! 🙂
Dinner tonight is going to be spaghetti.  I bought ground chicken to make the meatballs and the whole wheat pasta.  I even found some whole wheat baguettes in the freezer section that  have 4 g of fiber and 140 calories for a serving. Looking forward to it.  No recipe to post though.  I’m using the chicken burger recipe for the meatballs, and I’ve posted the sauce recipe previously too.  You’ll have to search the older posts. 
Love to all!  Stay warm!


2 thoughts on “Happy, excited and tired! Oh! and cold!

  1. WOooooooWHOooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You get on with your bad self. Of course you will keep it up, because next week you will be telling us you have lost a total of 12 or 14 lbs! You are amazing…my inspiration! I am nervous about the scale on Monday!!

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