Random stuff–answering questions and tying loose ends

Hello everybody!  
I have gotten good feedback on everyone missing new posts when I am a.w.o.l  so I really will work at it.  My goal is to post something everyday, if I’m falling down on the job let me know! 🙂

So, I’ve got some questions from my “fans” aka my friends Jenni and Amy.  Jenni–no I have not tried the diet soda cake.  FYI for all of you out there.  Jenni says you get any flavor cake mix, mix in any flavor diet soda and bake.  She swears yellow cake and root beer are great.  I may have to give one of these a try.

Amy–the bread that I picked up the other day was Central Market whole grain mini baguettes.  There were two loaves about 8 inches long and you just had to warm them in the oven for about 10 minutes.  I can’t remember for sure but I think 1/2 of one loaf was a serving and it was 140 calories.  I ate mine without butter and didn’t miss the butter a bit.  They were really soft and tasty.  Got mine in the frozen bread section at HEB.  I’m sure that was way more info than you wanted or needed but ya’ know—I gotta share.  🙂

Next, I am working on the diet friendly baked goodies.  I’ve found a couple of recipes that look promising but I want to try making them before I pass the recipes on, just in case they are gross.  Hoping to work on this project this weekend–Michael has to work and the weather is crummy! So I might as well bake.   Also, and I found this to be really exciting.  I found a sugar like sweetner that doesn’t contain sachrin or aspartame and can be measured like sugar.  Also, found this at HEB—I’m going to try it this weekend and then I’ll let you know if it is worth purchasing or not. 

I’m sure by now you have noticed I mention HEB alot.  I generally do our grocery shopping at Walmart but have found that they don’t carry as many diet, organic, healthy alternative foods.  HEB has a far wider variety—-the problem is that I get carried away!  FYI, if anyone is interested, they have Cliff bars on sale this week for $1 each.  I’ve tried these only twice but they are pretty good as these things go.  I picked up a few yesterday to try out on the days that I don’t get lunch but it is too late to eat a full meal. 

MILK—I’ve been doing some research on this and have switched us to organic.  It costs a little more but after reading about the side effects of the antibiotics, pesticides, etc. that are used I didn’t want the kids drinking “regular” milk anymore.  Also, and this applies to me, studies have shown that something in the organic milk actually helps the body dispose of fat and lose weight faster.  Again, HEB is the best place in town for this.  Their Central Market organic milk is $1.50 or more cheaper than the organic milk at Walmart.  

I didn’t lose anything this week–was actually 1.5 pounds up but I’m feeling really certain that it’s because I have done AWFUL keeping up with drinking all my water every day.  So, I am not stressing about this, now if I don’t lose next week I will FREAK OUT!!
OK, that’s the post for today!


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