I learned something new today

I took my first lesson on the pottery wheel today.  According to my teacher I did very well–better than most first lessons.  I was AMAZED by how difficult it was!  There is so much to take in and remember.  It is not at all like what you think it will be like when you watch some one else do it.  When you are watching someone throw a pot it looks so easy and fluid.  The other thing that I learned/noticed was that it took a lot of focus and concentration.  Before when I was learning hand  building, I always thought it was kind of odd that the student or two that were working on the wheel didn’t talk much or participate in the conversation, now I know why.  1) you are so focused and intent that what you are doing that you don’t follow what is being said around you. 2) the wheel does make noise and while it is not loud it is enough to mute the conversation around you.  The one thing that I did seem to learn today that is REALLY important is how to “center”.  This means that my clay is centered on the wheel and that the clay is equally proportioned around.  I also learned how to “pull” which is when you open and widen the bowl.  What is still tripping me up is evening and building the sides.  I ended up with three bowls.  1 that I did with my teacher and 2 that I did on my own.  After that I really just practiced centering and trying to form bowls.  Did I mention how hard it was? And, much more physical that I thought!  My back and shoulders are killing me now!  And I know that tomorrow I am REALLY going to feel it.  However, it was soooo satisfying.  I really didn’t even care about having a final product, I really just wanted to practice doing it over until I felt like I had mastered each step.  So much fun!!!
On a seperate but related note, I promise to post some pics tomorrow.  I brought home two pieces that I really love and created specifically for my house. And, I want to post pics of some of the stuff from last week.  Mike thinks he is going to pack up my final products and sell them—according to him we don’t have room for all this stuff and I “can’t have all these things around.” HA!! Little does he know.  🙂


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