Found out what is wrong with me

OK, so I got my blood test results back.  Thyroid, sugar, cholesterol, etc, etc. is all normal.  However, I am critically deficient in vitamin D.  This is much more important than I realized.  Turns out vitamin D turns into a hormone when in the body.  This hormone then functions in much the same way as thyroid hormone.  Vitamin D deficiency can result in fatigue, muscle pain, bone pain, headaches, heart attacks, increased risk of cancer, etc. etc.  Who knew?  A normal range is 40-100.  60 is considered “optimal”.  Mine is at 20.  Uh, yeah . . .apparently my body does not want to produce either thyroid or vitamin D hormone.  You can get vitamin D from food butyou cannot actually get enough to produce a healthy level.  The best way to get vitamin D is through daily exposure to the sun—about 10-15 minutes—without sunscreen.  However, even people who get enough sunshine can still be deficient.  So, I am to begin a course of prescription strength vitamin D, once a week for 3 months.  Then I need to check back in with my doctor to determine further course of treatment. 
I have to say I am glad to know (a) what is wrong with me and (b) that it is something that is relatively easy to “fix.” I am hoping to be feeling MUCH better soon. 
Sidenote:  my doctor said, and I also did some WebMD and Mayo Clinic research, and found out that vitamin D deficiency is “pandemic” right now.  Doctors don’t know why this is happening right now but are recommending everyone take a vitamin D supplement.  It needs to be D3 or chol (something or other—you can Google it).  So, my good deed for today is to recommend everyone go and get some vitamin D.  🙂


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