Super easy scones (or fruit biscuits if you prefer)

Biscuit mix  (I prefer Pioneer or Jiffy)
1/3 C sugar

Mix biscuits according to recipe on box, subbing milk if water is called for in recipe, and adding sugar. 
For cranberry orange scones: Toss 2 C of fresh cranberries, zest from one orange, juice from same orange and 3 TBSP of sugar into a food processor.  Pulse and chop until cranberries are in very small pieces.  Incorporate into biscuit dough
For blueberry:  mix 1 pt of fresh blueberries into dough.  You can use frozen but make sure they are well thawed and drained.  If they are too wet the biscuits will be very gooey and spread a lot when baked. 

Flour a board and place dough on top.  Don’t roll the dough! just pat it into a round with your hands then cut into wedges (like you would slice a pie).   Place on greased or parchment covered sheet pan and bake until golden.  350 degrees-about 15 minutes.

Note:  you can sprinkle a little granulated sugar on top before baking OR dust with powdered sugar after baking, if desired.


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