Update to the blog

I have been an awful blogger for the last two months.  Things have just been wild and crazy!!!
We finished up the end of the school year.  I will be having different teaching responsibilities in the fall.  I will be teaching music and spanish every morning for the ones through the pre-k kids.  In the afternoons, I will be teaching math and science to the pre-k kids.  I am very excited about doing this.  But to end up the year, everything in our classroom had to be sorted out and packed up. 
We registered for kindergarten.  Then my little precious guy graduated from preschool!  He is very, very excited about being a bulldog like his brother in the fall.
And my big precious guy finished 4th grade with a bang!  He got 100% on all three parts of the TAKS, he got awards for being on the A honor roll all year, and he got 4th place for accelerated reader for the 4th grade—he ended up with 526 points for the year. 

After that we had a birthday party blow out for my fave 5 year old boy!  It was a carnival theme and fun was had by all. We had many, many people we love over to celebrate and eat the over abundance of food!

Then as soon as school ended we jumped right into VBS.  We did two weeks back to back.  The first week we were at the church that I work at and then we were at the church that we attend.   Now we are WORN out!
And I cannot believe that the 4th of July is just around the corner!!! How does the time go by so quickly?!?!?
The plan for the rest of the summer includes swimming, crafts, and maybe a couple of short trips. Last weekend, (I got the idea from a friend) we compiled a list of things we all wanted to do this summer.  Our list includes swimming, fishing, a trip to a water park, buying fireworks for the 4th, doing some crafts, and having family dates.  More than anything I just want to hang out with my three fave guys and maybe get somethings done that I never have time to accomplish during the school year.  For example, I have a few sewing projects I want to complete, scrapbooking projects, books to read, and my big project this summer will be to get my lesson plans done.  I also want to try out some new recipes and get them on the blog.
Today was the first day that we only had one thing that we had to do and that was swim lessons.  It was sooo nice to not have most of the day to do as we pleased.  We went to swim lessons, picked up a few groceries and then came home! And stayed home! Evan took a nap and then we went swimming for about two hours.  It was a good afternoon. 
Starting tomorrow, I will post some new recipes and pics of projects I am working on.  I will be a better blogger, I promise! 🙂


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