summer is the time for projects!

OK–first up on my summer project list was our master bathroom.

Since we moved in it has pretty much looked like a big white box
Over the years, I have tried changing towels, rugs, etc and it still looked like a white box.

Soooo….. I decided it was time to buy some paint.

Now, years ago, I saw an ad that was a pic of a lavender bathroom with white trim and I loved it.  So since then I have been a little hung up on having that bathroom but was too chicken to commit.  With that thought in mind I chose to paint a few walls, instead of all.

And I LOVE it!  I made the curtain, the crosses on the walls and the “paintings” to the right of the tub.  Finally, it feels like a finished room.
Now the kids want me to paint a wall in their bathroom—–I gotta think about that one.
Next project:  I saw on a decorating show that this woman was making flags out of denim and scraps of ribbon and fabric.  Example:  for the US flag she use strips of denim and a white ribbon that said “America” in red letters.  She then hung these on the walls in different rooms.  Which gave me an idea to make a fabric wall hanging/flag for our bedroom.  I have a whole wall that is empty because I haven’t found anything I like, at a price I am willing to pay, to hang there.  So, I came up with this…
Now this is a pic of phase one.  Getting it all laid out, pinned, etc.  I actually got all the pieces sewed on yesterday but haven’t added finishing details yet, and I still need to get a rod to hang it.  I will post final pics as soon as I get it hung up. 
Now that is not all!!! I have got some other things in the works and at the pottery studio so be sure to check back for more summer projects.

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