4th of July pics and LuLu’s haircut

OK, before you view these pictures you have to understand something.  My husband does not know how to do anything small.  If we are having people over for dinner we can’t have just hamburgers.  We have to have hamburgers, hot dogs and ribs.  If we are decorating for Christmas one tree is not enough, we have to have three.  And so, if he is buying fireworks, what a reasonable person would consider “enough” is not even close.  And here is the result…

Yes, it is all fireworks–and these pics show only a very, very small portion of what these crazy people bought!
It was a rainy 4th of July here.  It poured all day.  We were lucky to have a break in the storms so that the kids could do their fireworks.  It was the opinion of the audience that too many fireworks were bought this year and therefore there was quite a long lag between the ignition of each item.  There was also a LOT of smoke from the kids sparklers.  We attributed this to the humidity but it was just a guess.  So, these are the few pics that I was able to get before (a) it got too dark and (b) my stupid camera battery died.
Ok, so that was our weekend.  When we got home, I had made an appointment for LuLu to get a haircut.  Her fur was really thick, and now that she is hanging out in the backyard with the boys and taking walks daily she was getting pretty hot. Plus, sweet girl that she is, she was shedding like crazy!  I’m talking having to sweep/vacuum two or three times a day!  Now, none of these guys I live with thought it was a bad idea to take her for a haircut—however, they sure had lots of comments when I brought her home!  See for yourself
Obviously, the first one was before.  The boys say she looks depressed in the second one, after the haircut, because she is embarassed by the bows and the new ‘do.  I thought the bows were cute!  I know, I know!  We are letting it grow back out! 

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