Sunday Funday

We have gotten two full weeks of rain.  As a result the flower beds and yard were insane!!! So we spent the entire morning pulling grass out of flower beds, mowing, edging and then cleaning the pool.  Lots of work! But it looks so, so, so, much better!

Aren’t the hydrangeas pretty?  It has taken 4 years but they are finally large shrubs and blooming!
This is my “hearty hibiscus” the blooms are almost the size of dinner plates
This is the piles of grass that I had to pull out Yeah, it was a LOT of work!All that you see that is mowed–I mowed.  This is the back acre of our lot, i.e. behind the fence.  And below is 1/2 of the debris from the flower beds we cleaned out.
This is Mike mowing the “scary part” of the back.  I don’t mow the stuff that is waist high! You can barely see his head and his shoulder there in the middle.

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