I’m in a snit

I’m in a mood.  The rain for two weeks got me down.  Yesterday was gorgeous though and I spent the whole day in the yard.  It perked me up and I thought I had shaken off the mood.  But I am kinda grumpy again today.  My whole plan for the day got thrown out the window and it makes me grumpy. 
The plan for today was to drop Chris off for golf camp at 9 then run some errands and hit the grocery store.  I was then expecting to come home and gt my house clean and laundry done.  However, the dentist office called me at 10 and said there had been a cancellation and they wanted to work Evan in for a filling.  I agreed because I wanted to get it done before school started. 
So, ran errands.  Went to the grocery store and got everything that didn’t require refrigeration.  Took E to eat some lunch before the dentist and then headed over.
It did not go well.  He did not like the topical anesthetic and said it was making his gums burn.  So he was already tnse and upset when the dr came in to give him the novacaine.  He tensed up so he felt the first shot and that was BAD.  He started crying.  BIG compliments to Dr. Turner and June! They were AWESOME with him.  They distracted him and were very encouraging.  Despite how wonderful they were he was sobbing at the end and I had to carry him to the car.  I don’t think it was pain as much as fear of the unknown and the whole process being upsetting for him. 
A bribe of a trip to Target got him through the process but he was still in a HORRIBLE mood when we got home.  I ended up making him take a nap which took the edge off but he still was weepy and sensitive.  Drugged him up with two tsp of motrin and that seems to have helped the most.  Now that it has finally kicked in he seems to be in a much better mood.  He just finished a bowl of watermelon with his daddy and is now playing with his brother. 
So glad he is feeling better because it makes me upset when he is upset.  Which leads me back to the grumpy mood. 
So the PLAN for tomorrow is to drop Chris at the golf course, come home and clean and then meet a friend for lunch.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 


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