Seperate rooms!

I love, love, love my kids.  Having said that, I HATE sharing a room with them.  We took a short trip up to Wichita Falls to take the kids to the waterpark and Michael could go to the casino (or his Mecca–as I have been calling it!).  Anyway, we have spent two nights in a hotel room and I have decided that my kids are super sloppy!  They empty the contents of their backpacks and scatter them all over the room. Then I go around either picking stuff up or saying “Guys you need to pick up your ____ or it is going to get stepped on/lost and you are going to be crying.”  They, of course, ignore me and then shortly thereafter are wandering around saying “I can’t find my _____”
They utilize the same method with their clothes.  They change and the garments they take off are then scattered around the room. Now, considering that these boys were askig me to wash for them because they were out of undergarments, wouldn’t you think they would want to make sure that all their items get back home with them?  Apparently not, as I have found underwear and socks in corners and under furniture. 
This has led me to the conclusion that for future trips, Michael needs to spring for two rooms.  That way the boys can scatter their belongings as they deem necessary and if they leave them behind then they learn a lesson.  And, if Michael is lucky, I’ll let him share my room with me—otherwise he can go and scatter his undergarments around the room with the boys!


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