Darng it’s hot!

No, I did not misspell “darn”.  Darn—guh (to pronounce it phonetically) is what Evan says and it has kind of become a joke at our house.
Anyway, it is blazin’ hot.  I’m talking melt your tennis shoes to the concrete, your brain is leaking out of your ears, you just got a 5th degree burn on the back of your legs when you got in the car, hot. 
And, we–our family–HATES it.  We are NOT a 95+ degree family.  Yes, we like to swim and work in the yard, etc. but we like to do it when it is not so hot that you feel like you are walking on the surface of the sun.  Today the a/c is down to 76, all the ceiling fans are on and I’m still sweating!!!!
Where’s a cold front when a girl needs one?


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