I wonder who he gets that from…

Do you ever look at your kids and totally see your personality quirks reflected in them?  I do, especially as they get older.

Physically, he may be his daddy’s “mini me” but in personality he is all mine.  So much so that sometimes it makes me sad because I know better than anyone the struggles he faces.  This boy is an introverted extrovert.  If he knows you well he can be loud, wild, and silly.  If he doesn’t know you well he can be painfully, awkwardly shy.  He has a sharp and silly sense of humor.  He is quite content reading, playing a game, and hanging out with his family.  He is uncomfortable in large groups of people.  He worries ALOT and struggles with anxiety issues.  But he has made HUGE progress in this area.  He has a tender soul and a loving heart.  One sharp word or thoughtless comment can cut him to the quick.  He tends to bottle up his frustrations, anger, and hurts until they explode and he is in tears.  He is sharp and smart and bright. He amazes me and his daddy with the things he learns and remembers and the connections he makes.  He’s a pretty cool guy.

And then there is this little monkey!  He is definitely going to have his daddy’s enthusiasm and talent for sports.  He is willing to try just about anything.  He is an amazing swimmer!! He is very strong willed (I think that is probably from me).  If he wants to do it he is going to do it no matter what, or who, gets in his way.  He doesn’t manage frustration well and we are working on controlling his temper.  But he is such a loving boy.  He is the one that has always wanted to snuggle and cuddle.  He is the one that will randomly come up and tell me “I love you mama”  throughout the day.  He is also bright and amazes me with the things he remembers and thinks about.  If you tell him you are going to do something, you’d better do it, because he won’t forget and he will hound you until you do it.  He is his mama’s baby and promises I will always be his “special princess.”


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