No…I’m not ready!!

OK, I know I’ve said this but I think it bears repeating….I am not ready for summer to be over.  I’m not ready for the kids and I to be back in school.  And I am completely un-ready for E to be a kindergartner.  We went and got his haircut yesterday for school.  He looks like such a big boy! And his backpack and first day clothes are all purchased and ready to go—-but I am not ready for him to leave!
I am going to miss him so much.  Everyday he has gone to school with me.  I have been able to check in on him, see him in the hall, get the quick hug, kiss, or “hi mom–I love you.” Now, he’ll be across town. 
That makes me sad.  But, I am working really, really hard on not saying ANY of that or any thing like it to him.  Because he is pumped up.  He is excited about kindergarten.  And I want him to be—I just want him to stay with me too. 


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