Who needs TV when you have kids?

These are some of the funny things the kids have said recently that I wanted to remember…

E last night “Mama I have to sleep in your bed ’cause there are storms. And I need to get used to sleeping with you again because I think I forgot” Hmm… could this POSSIBLY be a ploy to get out of sleeping in his own room?

C and E are in the pool. C has giant water gun and says to E “Be still so I can squirt you.” E says “No you can’t! I have very, very soft skin!” LOL!!!

E “‘Mom what dr are you going to?” Me “The dr that took you out of my tummy.” E “Why?” Me “Just because mommies have to do that sometimes.” E “OK but you better not get another baby because I have rights!”

C says thanks to all for compliments on his glasses–he says you “are right—I DO look good!” ROFL he is soooo modest!

The latest from the freaky 5 year old—-Mike “i love you Evan” attempts to kiss and hug the boy. Evan, hand up “Dad, I’m NOT in the mood.”

This conversation is currently ongoing: C “E come clean up your pee off the toilet!” E “I haven’t peed yet today!” C “Come wipe it up! You missed!” E “It’s not MY pee you poophead!” (Umm, yeah this is life with boys and “poophead” is new to his vocab–not sure where that came from)

E “I’m a vegetarian. “. C “no you’re not you eat meat like chicken and steak.”. E. “Oooooo steak. I like steak.”

C “Mom, Evan promised to play Bakugan with me but now he won’t. You know if he keeps lying like this and not keeping his word he’s gonna end up in prison.” WOW! I had NO idea that changing your mind about playing Bakugan would lead to a life of crime and imprisonment.

E–“Mom you don’t go to work tomorrow?” Me–“no, not tomorrow” E—“What are we doing tomorrow? Oh, never mind, I’m just going to be a slug in my pajamas


3 thoughts on “Who needs TV when you have kids?

  1. I totally agree and think of all the money you could save on paying for cable or satellite TV!I am a new follower from Friendly Friday, so glad to have found your blog and I look forward to reading more. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!EloiseMommy2TwoGirlshttp://mommy2twogirls.blogspot.com/

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