Off to school…

How cool is this?  It lights up!!!
New backpack and lunchbox!! WoooHOO!!
Mario and Star Wars–his 2 faves!


Here they are in their 1st day of school glory.  C picked Scooby Doo especially for the event and E was so excited about the Mario Bros shirt he picked he was about to pop

Gotta check out the new shoes!  C says  his have magic powers.

 So whether we were ready or not, summer ended and school began today.  They were totally excited and pumped up about it.  C just wanted to be dropped at the curb.  He’s too cool to be walked in anymore!
E got walked in—OF COURSE!  The above pic was the only one he would let me take in the classroom.  And he wasn’t really happy about me taking this one.   He was fine until we got to the classroom then he kinda withdrew into his shell.  He didn’t want to talk anymore.  Thankfully, he did not cry and was not clingy.  And I didn’t cry.  So all in all in was a good start to the day.

When I picked him up though—everything was horrible and he was not going back! The only thing that was good was that he didn’t get hurt and he didn’t get sick! LOL  However, after talking to him I found out that he made a couple of friends and the real complaint was that it was kinda boring.  I tried to get him to understand that the first day is always kinda boring because everyone has to learn the rules, where to go, what to do, etc.  He said OK, he would go back but once his lunch money ran out–he was done.  Hahaha, too bad it doesn’t work that way buddy.

C said everything was AWESOME!  His class has the last lunch and the first recess.  Apparently, this is a big deal.  He also gets to choose where he wants to sit tomorrow and he knows 2 kids in his class.  According to him it is going to be a great year!

I’m just greatful that no one cried, including me! 🙂


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