The good, the bad and the ugly

OK, it is just weird being alone all day.  Both the boys started school Monday.  The school I teach at doesn’t start until Sept. 7th.  Plus, Mr. G was out of town last week and this week.  So, I’ve got two full weeks of mommy time.  It’s not bad, just taking some getting used to.
So, Monday was OK.  Dropped the boys off, went and got my mammogram, then went up to my school to work for awhile to get my stuff ready for the new year.  Day one–done.  Tuesday:  Drop the boys off, hit the grocery store, come home and clean, clean clean!  Get a pedi, run a couple errands, pick up kids.  Day two—done.  Today, drop off boys, get pap smear (yeah it’s all about the girlie parts this week), come home and take 45 minute nap, make beds, empty dishwasher, reload dishwasher, complete and e-mail stuff to work and then blog.  Gotta get the boys soon… So here is my summary of the good, bad , and ugly of being on my own.
Clean house
Able to clean said house without refereeing battles every 15 minutes
No one pees on my clean floor and toilets 10 minutes after I have cleaned them
Get to listen to my music w/o blaring Disney channel in the background
There is NO ONE in the grocery store at 8:05 a.m.  Did all my shopping and still got home before 9!
No one cried or refused to go back to school on Tuesday
Emptying the dishwasher–this is one job I hate! And with the 10 yr old back in school I can’t make it part of his morning chores anymore—DRAT!
Folding laundry—-why do they need clean clothes for school? Underwear and swimsuits cover all the impt parts!
Packing lunches—it takes so little time but I dislike it so much!
Did I mention I had to have a pap AND mamo this week?
Dropping my baby at kindergarten–I just wasn’t ready for that milestone quite yet

How has your back to school week been?


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