Crafty crafting



OK, all my friends and family who like to craft, and who have tons of stuff stored away in closets and drawers, this challenge is for you.  For the month of September you have to craft your tushy off but without buying any supplies.  You have to use only the stuff you already have hidden aways in the cracks and crevices of your home.  I’ve got tons of projects and corresponding stuff just waiting for me to get busy.  And some of you are FAR craftier and creative than me—so I know you have a mini-Hobby Lobby goin’ on somewhere in your home.  Post pics of the stuff you create and there are chances for prizes!  Check out the link above.  Send me pics too or post on your blog or Facebook—I would love to see what you create!


One thought on “Crafty crafting

  1. Yeah! Thank you for signing up to Stashbusting September. This is going to be one fun month andI think/hope our houses are a little less overflowwing with unopened bags of crafts for it!

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