$$$$$Money,money,money, MON–EY$$$$

I know that some people get great joy out of buying “the best” and that cost is of little consideration.  I however, get great pleasure and joy out of getting a really good bargain.  It makes me soooo happy to get something really amazing for a very small price. 
Examples:  I got the terrific china hutch in my kitchen for only $50.  Today I got a brand new, tags still on it, gray cashmere tunic sweater for—wait for it—$13.50!! Regular price was $88. 
That’s not even the best one recently.  Saturday we went to an auction and I got a .6 carat diamond pendant valued at apx $500 for—-you will not believe this—$5.  Yes, you are reading that right FIVE DOLLARS!!! I knew it was real, my husband thought it was cubic zirconia, whatever—SCORE!!!!!
But it’s not just major stuff that makes me happy.  I can’t wait for the school supplies to go on clearance so that I can snag some spiral notebooks and notebook paper for ten cents!


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