Crafty kids

I took these a couple of weeks ago and when I went to post them, I couldn’t find them.  Uh, yeah call me technically challenged.  They weren’t in my “pictures” folder.  Today I found them in some random Microsoft Photos folder.  Now I have never seen or used this folder so how did they get there?  You’re guess is as good as mine!

So early in the summer, we went to Michael’s and the kids picked out some plaster animals and unfinished wooden boxes that they wanted to paint during the summer.  We had a summer that was jam packed so we just never seemed to do our weekly craft activities like we did last summer.  So, during the last week of summer when they were acting really nutty, I pulled out all the craft stuff and let them paint away. 

While they were working on that–I decided to get a little crafty too. I made these really cool upcycle bushel baskets from an idea I saw on Craftopotomous

First I took an old bushel basket

 And some cute tissue paper that I cut into squares

Then I “mod podged” the tissue on to the basket

And hot glued some cute ribbon around the bands.  How cute is that?  The orgininal idea was to add letters that said “Laundry” and use it as a laundry basket but I’m going to use mine for storage.  The second one I made I used the same tissue but ribbon that is purple with green polka dots.  Awesome!

And, I made some cards.
These are not near as gorgeous as my talented sister, Mary and my talented friend, Rebecca make–but not bad for my first effort! 

Craft on my friends!



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