How is it that you go to bed, feeling totally fine and wake up feeling “off”?  I don’t really feel sick, but I just don’t feel good.  Know what I mean?  That kind of tired, dizzy, not quite a headache but not normal feeling?  Am I the only one who gets this sensation? And  how come this icky/off feeling always seems to occur on a day when you have plans to get a lot of stuff done?  What is that all about?  Is it just your body’s way of saying “umm, yeah, not really liking your idea of how to conduct this day so I’ve decided to feel ick.”  And when you have the ick all you really want to do is lay around in your bed or on the sofa.  I tried to shake it off.  I did get up, bathe, dress, and go meet a friend for a pre-planned, before I go back to work lunch.  But I still have the ick.  So I’m putting my yoga pants back on and laying around until I gotta pick up the rug rats.

On a seperate but related note (i.e. laying around watching TV) I am so excited about tonight’s Real Housewives of NJ reunion show.  I am so excited that I think it is a little wrong.  Yes, I know they are over the top and that Danielle is nuts, but the prospect of a fracas (cool word huh?) between these women tonight really pumps me up!  Almost enough to shake off the ick! 🙂



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