So sorry, I’ve been gone

Dear Blog Fans,
Please excuse my absence for the past couple days.  I know you wake up each morning and run to your computer just to see what golden thoughts I have published.  I also know that my failure to post a new entry leaves you despondent and feeling lost.  Fear not dear reader, I’m just getting my back to work routine in gear. 
So, the last three days I’ve been at work.  We’ve been having open house/meet the teacher.  I think it is going to be a really fun year.  We have some new women on staff who seem really great and the kids are pumped.  We had several crying today because they wanted to stay at school.  I think one of my biggest challenges this year is going to be rolling my “mobile classroom” aka super long and mondo heavy cart around.  See, I don’t have a dedicated classroom this year.  I am using the small chapel in the church so at the end of the week “my room” has to reconvert to small chapel/Sunday school classroom.  This also means that I have an 8 ft long stainless steel cabinet on wheels that contains all my materials.  Moving this monster has proven to be a challenge.  I’m hoping sure that as soon as I get used to it, rolling it around will be no problem. 
It was so much fun seeing the kids that I already know and meeting some of the new ones.  They are so cute!!! I forget during the summer how fun they are to talk to. 
On a seperate note, I have accomplished nothing on my list this week, except the school related stuff.  So I’ve got four days to get busy.  Hmm, I what  can will I get done?
I’ll keep you updated.

Oh! PS:  I have a darling friend named Rachel.  Rachel is gorgeous inside and out.  She is an amazing woman of God who strives every day to live her faith.  She also has been given a gift of song that is a joy to hear.  She does not sing in pursuit of fame or fortune, she sings because it is her ministry.  She was gracious enough to send me a copy of her first solo CD and I think it is amazing.  One of my favorite lines from the title song is “it doesn’t matter what I do Sunday morning if it doesn’t change Monday night.”  If you would like to hear some of Rachel’s music (or order her CD which I encourage you to do) you can go to her website at
I get nothing from this glowing review and recommendation.  Rachel doesn’t even know I wrote it.  I just wanted to share something that I think is great with you. 🙂


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