I love Friday nights!

I realized today how much I LOVE Friday evenings.  And I realized this when I almost did not get to have my regular Friday night.  See, this is our nothing night.  Our boys usually spend the night with their grandparents on Friday night.  Mr G and I then pick up take out, put on our jammies and do nothing but watch TV and surf the web.  I throughly enjoy this routine and I look forward to it each week.  I am exhausted come Friday and our lazy routine is the perfect way to start the weekend. 
Tonight, we have the windows open.  It was a gorgeous day.  It actually felt like fall was on the way.  This morning when I dropped the boys off it was 68 degrees! And the high today was 83.  Ahh, what a pleasure after all the nasty 100+ degree days we have had through August.
So, this lovely evening, here we sit.  Mr. G on his laptop, me on mine, the diva pets laying on the carpet, enjoying the breeze. 
Welcome September—we’ve been waiting for you!


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