Funnel cake and blue ribbons!!!

I was a totally unprepared mom today–but  I promise to go back with a camera and take pictures of Christopher’s BLUE RIBBONS!!!! Yay!!!! He and I ran up to the fair grounds this afternoon to see if any of his pottery won–and he did!!! He got 2 first place ribbons, 2 third place ribbons and a 5th place ribbon.  I was so proud of him! This is the first time he has entered anything in the fair and he did awesome.  He has already started talking about what he can make and enter next year. 
Before we left Daddy and lil’ bro had requested a delivery of fair food.  So, after we checked out the fair entries we picked up roasted corn, a sausage sandwich, 2 orders of fries, a turkey leg and a funnel cake. Yeah, I probably could have fed them Outback Steakhouse for what that cost me!  But the fair only comes once a year and the food is at least half the fun! 
Pics to come later this week when we go “for real” meaning the kids ride the rides and we eat there. I am sure we will come home with either a goldfish or hermit crab to add to our growing menagerie (the boys say that is part of the fair fun too, but not so much for me!)


One thought on “Funnel cake and blue ribbons!!!

  1. Congratulations to Christopher! That's a huge deal! I'm so jealous, I love the fair. Okay, I love fair food. Not a big fan of the heat and dragging kids around the fairgrounds. Because, for some stupid reason the Texas State Fair is never going when it's pleasant outside. Anyway…sounds like a fabulous weekend! Can't wait to see pictures!

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