Tantrums + hysteria = pharmaceuticals

A few days ago I posted about E’s difficulty adjusting to the kindergarten schedule.  Well, we are still struggling.  Today he made it ’til 5:00 and then he just melted down.  By 5:45 he had had two tantrums mild bursts of frustration.  At 6:00 when he started sobbing hysterically, I made the executive decision that it was bed time.  This is when I growled “Pajamas NOW!” through gritted teeth lovingly trundled him off to bed. 
45 minutes later, after unsuccessfully getting back up to watch TV, he passed out from exhaustion  drifted into blissful sleep.  And this is where the pharmaceuticals come in–after this loving time with my child—the alien that lives inside my head was attempting to evacuate my cranium through my right eyeball.  Umm, yeah–drugs were in order.  So now, he is asleep and the throbbing is ebbing.  Tomorrow has to be a better day–right?
On a positive note I’m getting a FREE BOG MAKEOVER!!!! Woohoo.  Thank you Christie at Bushel and a Peck  I am sooo excited.  So be looking for and expecting changes soon.  And then go visit Christie at her blog.  Maybe you’ll win the next blog makeover! 



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