Mmm, this is a little embarassing for me. But, I feel confident that you, my bloggy friends, won’t judge me.  In fact, I feel certain that some of you will have this same problem and know my struggles.  Perhaps we can even start a support group. 
Hello, my name is Tracey and I hate to iron.  Yes, I know, it is SHOCKING!! But I really, really do.  And unlike putting away laundry or emptying the dishwasher this is an evil that I can avoid.  And I do, successfully for weeks, even months at a time.  I keep a tall laundry hamper in my laundry room and as I do laundry I toss in stuff that needs to be ironed.  There is just one problem with this plan.  Eventually the basket gets so full that clothes are teetering precariously out of it.  I also eventually run out of clothes, sort of.  So, tonight C is home with the vomit virus which meant he could not go to the annual family outing to the county fair.  I volunteered to stay home with him and let Mr. G and E hit the fair with the cousins.  This seemed like a good time to (a) catch up on my many DVR’d shows before the new season begin this week (Glee starts Tuesday and Grey’s starts Thurs!!! YAYAYAYAYAY)  anyway (b) this also seemed like a good chance to iron. 
I don’t like to iron when E is here because he seems to think that running around the ironing board is amusing.  Also, I like to use my ironing time to watch a movie or DVR and E inevitably wants to talk to me—-I think because he knows that when I am ironing he can count on me staying in one spot for a while. 
So, I ironed.  Alot! 45 pieces of clothing in fact.

This is about 2/3 of what I ironed tonight. I am so excited!! I have pants to wear now! It is like a whole new wardrobe! 🙂
And while I was ironing, and going back and forth to my closet to get more hangers, I found this ….
This cabinet is supposed to be our dirty laundry hamper.  See how there is only one door.  Well, someone in my house,who has a Y chromosome, broke the other door. (About 3 yrs ago)  I actually had a new door made but the Y chromosome possessor has not gotten the stain to finish it.  So I got a laundry hamper and decided to put our blankets in the bottom of this cabinet.  So, tonight I found Miss Oreo in there sleeping on top of the blankets.  I don’t know why.  I have not seen her doing this before, but who knows what she does when I’m not home!
It is a wild and crazy place, this house o’ mine!

One thought on “Confessions

  1. Ironing is my least favorite chore. In fact, I've delegated it to the hubby. And I've seen my cat do that in my sheets, too! As soon as I open the cabinet, my little cat who likes snug/dark places climbs right in.

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