Fall wreath

I’ve been wanting a large fall wreath for our front door for a while but was unwilling to spend the $$.  A small one at Hobby Lobby would be $20 and a large one $50–and that was 1/2 off!!So I decided to see what I could come up with using stuff I already had.
here is my assemblage of stuff
I had gotten a bushel basket full of grapevine wreaths a couple of months back at an auction.  So I thought, why not unwrap one and use it as a wreath?
The grapevine didn’t want to completely unwrap though!  so I had this center circle part, which I decided I kind of liked so i decided not to fight the nature of the grapevine.  But, I also could not find my floral wire so orange zip ties had to fill in.
Then I started tucking in the leaves
And berries
and this paper mache /G/ that I painted gold
and I end up with this …..
What do you think?

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