Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Have you ever noticed that when someone/something is gone you realize how important it is in your life?  Do you ever have those moments in your day/week/life when you say “I do everything around here!  No one else does anything!  I never get any help!”  (Any of this sound familiar?)
Well, Mr G has been traveling just about every week for the last 6.  He will be gone 3 days then home 2, gone 2 and home 3, you get the idea.  And when he is gone frequently and/or for extended periods like this I begin to realize what it is REALLY like to do everything around here.  And I have to say, not liking it so much.  I don’t like having to get up 45 minutes earlier because I have to make sure both kids and I are ready to go in the morning.  Not a fan of having to toss the trash and roll it down to the curb either.  Also, it makes my Wednesday a whole lot better if he can pick C up from his guitar lesson.  I also prefer to let Mr. G fold the clothes.  However, when he is gone these tasks fall to me.  Ick!  Praises and prayers for the single parents out there who do this every day.
Gotta give props to my kid though.  C is a HUGE help when his daddy is gone and really does go the extra mile, generally without attitude, to assist. 
What do you think of the blog’s makeover? 
It is all thanks to Christie over at Bushel and a Peck  You should definitely go check out her blog.  And let her do a makeover for you too!  She’s running a special right now!!! Go! Go now and see her stuff!  No wait!  Finish reading my blog first, then go.  🙂
Why is the title changed from GarciaMania to Linus and LuLu?  hmmmm,…. good question.  And one you will have to wait until tomorrow to get the answer to—sorry, but Grey’s Anatomy is about to start!


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