In my kitchen today…

This is what I am cooking this evening…

3 bean chili
Corn bread (on the bottom rack) and a massive pumpkin pie
Chili–because it is raining and cloudy and a little cool and my family asked if I would PLEASE make chili.  And if I make chili, I have to aslo make them cornbread.
Pumpkin pie—because I am ready for fall and pumpkin pie is very fall and it is super yummy.  Pumpkin pie is definitely one of my favorite things.

This is on my counter.  It has been here since Monday.  Sunday, I made salad dressing.  And I put the vinegar up when I was done.  On Monday, I noticed the vinegar, in the pantry, without a cap.  Apparently, in my salad dressing zeal I somehow threw away the lid.  So I set it on the counter. And there it still sits.  I have yet to pour it into a new vessel. I plan to take care of this project this evening or tomorrow.  I know–that is MAJOR.  Which is why I shared it with you. 🙂

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