Vocabulary definitions—or "Say what?!"

I was talking to someone the other day and said something which got me a really weird look from the other person.  That led me to the idea for this blog installment
Words that, you might never have heard before, that are used in place of curse words around here”

Dololly (n) dew–lol-ee:  a generic noun used in statements such as “I burned the dololly out of my hand” or “I’m fixin’ to beat the dololly out of you!”

Whaupy jawed (adv) wau-p-ee j-auw-d:  a description of something that is going awry.  As in “It is going all whaupy jawed.”  or “Look, see how that side is looking all waupy jaw?”

Wonky  (adj) w-onk-ee:  when something is not working correctly.  “The wheel on that cart is all wonky”  or “Quit pulling on that!  You’re making it all wonky!”

Snarky:  (adj) sn-ark-ee:  someone who is responding in a rude or ugly way.  “She was so snarky to me when I asked her!”  or “Did you hear the snarky comment she made?”

Snippy:  (adj) similar to snarky but less rude.  When someone is snippy it is usually because they are irritated or unintentionally rude.  “The waitress sure was snippy.”  or “You are snippy today! Who got you mad?”

Snick:  (n)  sn–ick:  to move something a very, very small amount/distance.  For example when you are hanging a picture and ask if it is level/straight “move it to the left just a snick.” 

Loopy do: (adj) loo–pee–do:  when you are feeling kind of dizzy or when you take medicine and feel fuzzy or out of sync.  “I took some Benadryl and now I feel all loopy do”

I hope that this helps to clairfy any misunderstandings, miscommunications, or questions you might have during future conversations. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Vocabulary definitions—or "Say what?!"

  1. Doesn't everyone use these words? We certainly do! Our list also includes: Caddywhumpus, stinkin' thing and "Name, you Cow!" The last is typically reserved for dogs when they step on our feet.Julie from Knittlebits visiting you via New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative.

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