What a lovely Saturday!

I hope the weather wherever you are is as gorgeous as it is here today.  Bright blue skies, cool breeze, temps in the high 70’s/low 80’s.We did a little garage saling today.  My two “big” scores are “Cuponk”  this goofy game of a cup that lights up and makes noise when you bounce a ping pong ball into it.  It was $20 at Target the other day when the boys asked for it, and when I said no, but I got it new/in package at a garage sale this morning for $2! And I got a full sheet size jelly roll pan/cookie sheet for $1. 
Then Mr. Broken Toe and I went and got some pizza for lunch and we headed home.  After an unsuccessful attempt at a nap, I decided to head out and mow grass and clean up my flower beds.  That chore is done—I am hoping for the remainder of the year.  And now, I have showered with my Neutorgena Rainbath and I smell so good! LOL  I thought you might wonder if I was blogging in my outdoor griminess or not.
Tomorrow’s plan is to get the fall decorations out and up.  Pics to come as soon as I’m done.
Happy Saturday to all!


One thought on “What a lovely Saturday!

  1. The weather here has been beautiful too. :o) I've had a mostly lazy day and loved every minute of it. LittleGirl asked if we could have a Pajama Day, and I thought that was a great idea. Congrats on the great purchases! I found a Pampered Chef Springform pan with all its inserts for $2. I love good deals! Happy Saturday! :o)

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