I had 2 of these.  I painted one white

and one blue

I used these Halloween rubons on the white one to make a Halloween subway art

The blue one got glittery glow in the dark stickers—I am not happy with this one–the blue was not a good choice

These are pretty dodads I got on clearance at Michael’s 2 weeks ago.  I don’t have an idea for them yet, but couldn’t pass them up.


Is he freaking you out?

C’s Halloween totem he made in pottery class

I bought this costume for him last year at after Halloween clearance–he had to try it one when he found it in the storage tubs.

The mask kind of freaks me out ‘cuz in person it looks real

He needed a pose with his Star Wars poster

I’m thinking he is getting into this

Gotta love the “cool Jedi” pose

E’s mirror (ignore my elbow)

C’s mirror (they have a Jack and Jill bathroom so each has his own sink)

C’s desk—finally purchased and assembled!

Haunted mansion neighborhood

View from a distance

dining room table centerpiece

kitchen window

Do you see that?!?!?!  I don’t know what it is—I’m thinking hornet

But after the incident this summer–I’m not opening my window until it is (a) dead or (b) Mr. G is home to make it dead

And finally, this has absolutely nothing to do with the above but, I did not like the RH of DC they were boring.  I do not like the RH of Atlanta they are just too crass and trashy.  I have high hopes for RH of Beverly Hills. 

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