Stuff that is ticking me off today

This is random but these are just a few things that I was thinking about today when I was out and about.

  • The lines that make the rectangular shapes in the parking lots are to show you the space you are to park WITHIN!  Not over, on or across. 
  • I think it is great that you are driving safely at 15 miles below the speed limit, but do you think that you could move out of my way and then continue your leisurely tour of the city
  • Don’t touch my stuff!  It really doesn’t bother me if someone borrows something of mine from my classroom so long as they let me know, return it in good shape, etc.   But when you go in my room and move my stuff around and use it like it’s yours and don’t even let me know–it bugs me and makes me mean.
  • Speaking of mean—if you can’t say something nice then SHUT UP.  Ok, maybe that seeemed a little harsh but listen to this.  My friend Larri over at Seams Inspired has a friend who has a blog–this lady’s baby DIED today and yet some bloggy commenters saw fit to criticize her choices and judge her.  Are you kidding me?  Really?! This mommy is literally carrying her baby to a funeral home and you don’t have enough humanity to provide sympathy or at least keep your unwanted opinions to yourself?  Wow!  Remember…you reap what you sow
  • In the meantime if you would like to read about baby Joshua you can check out his mommy Jill’s blog at  And if you are of a mind, I’m sure that any prayers, or just kind thoughts on their behalf would be greatly appreciated.  Hug your babies tonight and send a thought Jill’s way. 



One thought on “Stuff that is ticking me off today

  1. Nothing makes me crazier than people who take it upon themselves to be a-holes on the internet. Well golly, aren't you super special just because you anonymously flamed someone who's baby died. Ugh. It takes talent to be that much of a jerk. Also, yeah, in Texas apparently certain special people who drive really large trucks are allowed to take up TWO spaces. If I only I had the desire to climb my big fat behind into the cab of one every day!

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