Twitterpated–or for those that don’t speak Southern—Ticked off!!!!!

My baby is sick—again.  Monday I picked the kiddo up from school and even from a distance I could tell that all was not well.  He climbs in the car, starts crying, says his head hurts really bad, then he throws up.  Tuesday he’s fine, Wednesday he’s fine.  Today, school nurse calls and says he has a headache and he threw up.  So I pick him up and it is 12:30 so I take him to the walk in clinic because the pediatrician’s office is closed for lunch.  1 hour and 45 minutes later–they found nothing wrong, suggest he is developing migraines, give him a dose of motrin and send us on our way.  We get to the parking lot and he throws up.  So I put him in the car and get on the phone to the pedi’s office.  They are booked for today–OK I get that, it is 2:30 by this time.  but they also “cannot prebook an appt for tomorrow”  HUH?  I’m sorry, I know that the words you are articulating are english but I cannot seem to understand.  I am calling TODAY for an appointment for my sick kid for TOMORROW and you won’t make me an appointment?  I have to call back tomorrow morning at 8:30 and hope I get through, and get an appointment before everyone else that is calling in, annnd the doc is only going to be in the office til noon?!?!?!?  Am I the only one confused by this conversation?  Why do I have a pediatrician for my kids then?  We can’t ever get in to see him!!!
So, I have put the call out, via Facebook, to all my local mommy friends, and tomorrow morning I start looking for a new pediatrician.  Wish me luck.  And say a prayer.  Say two prayers (1) that I get the boy in to see a doc tomorrow and (2) that I don’t go all mama bear on some receptionist and rip her face off when she won’t make me an appointment. 
I’ll keep you posted…


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