TEN ON 10-10-10!!!!

  1. I love that I am a preschool rock star.  I get to spend four mornings a week singing, dancing, and being silly with six groups of kids ranging in age from 1 to 5.  And then I get to hear them singing the songs I taught them as they walk down the halls, and their parents ask me what the  lyrics are because they are trying desperately to sing along with their kiddos.  And I get high fives, and hugs, and my absolute favorite, HI/BYE Mizz Gawceeea!!! Yeah, being a rock star is cool!
  2. I have a cat.  According to some people in this house she is over sized.  I think they say this because I am the only one that she loves–but I digress.  My cat has this love of lying on my keyboard when I am typing.  She’s doing it now.  Any typos past, present, or future should be attributed to Miss Oreo.  Think of it as her way of saying hello to you.
  3. I vacillate (yeah, I’m using that B.A. in English) between working/wanting to lose weight because my jeans feel like they are going to guillotine me at the waist and accepting myself as I am and giving in to the joy that is yoga pants and leggings. 
  4. I had two kids without medication.  So how is it that a stupid little swollen taste bud can drive me absolutely nut pickin’ insane?
  5. I’ve noticed that  my children are exceedingly helpful and pleasant when their daddy is gone on a work trip.  Is this because he threatened/offered a bribe before he left? Or are they afraid to be alone with me and act like their usual crazy selves?  Hmmm—aw who cares? They emptied the dishwasher and trashcans this evening without complaint!
  6. I have come to the conclusion that not only are there not enough hours in the day but there are also not enough days in the week for me to accomplish my “to do” list.    I’m working on developing a zen feeling toward this and not worrying so much about it.
  7. E is scheduled to see a new doc on the 22nd.  This doc has experience with migraines in kids.  In the meantime he is not allowed to play video games and he is on a very strict sleep schedule.  (two main causes in kids according to what I’ve read)  So far, so good.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.
  8. I’m redoing the fall/Halloween decor in the house.  Just not loving it.  But the changes are coming along and making me happier—which is what really matters, right?
  9. Every single time that I put clean sheets on my bed, this is no exaggeration, E climbs in my bed and has a “little accident.”  EVERY TIME!!! What is he?  part dog and he has to mark his territory?  Seriously, the kid can go nights on end and be just fine, but the day I change sheets and let him crawl in my bed–I’m stripping sheets!  As I type I am sitting on top of my mattress cover waiting for my fitted sheet to come out of the dryer (the sheets were just put on yesterday morning!! and he only got the bottom one wet! so I wasn’t rewashing the whole set!)  You aren’t judging me are you?
  10. And finally, it is time to “fall back” already!!! I don’t know what the heck is wrong with Congress legislating that the time change should be pushed back to the end of October but I am sick of getting up in the dark every morning and driving to work with the sunrise searing my retinas!  We are NOT saving any energy!  Face it–fall is here and it is time for the clocks to change!  Plus that extra hour could help me out a little with my #6 above!



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