My baby is 11 years old today!!!

See this cute little, albeit blurry, face?  That was 6 years ago (the oldest I have stored on my laptop)
Now look at him!

How did my baby get those montrously long legs?  And when did my tee tiny boy get size 10 IN MENS feet?! 
I realized today when I was on the way to pick the two monkeys up from school at 2:30 that 11 years ago on this date I had been a mommy for 2 whole hours.  For the entire 9 months I had been told that I was having a  baby girl.  I was expecting/planning to bring home Grace Elizabeth.  We had not even picked out a girl name.  All the clothes were pink.  The room was peach.  And then—-there was a boy!!!!
I remember the nurse asking me, as she wheeled me to the recovery room, if I had adjusted to the idea that I had a baby yet?  I told her it wasn’t the idea of having a baby that was a surprise—it was that the baby was a boy!  So we came home with Christopher Robert, instead of Grace Elizabeth, exchanged all the pink clothes for blue, and a few months later we repainted the room. 
Happy birthday my sweet boy!  You are an amazing kid and I love you very much.

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