I’m baaaack!

So sorry bloggy friends—I know that I have not posted in a while.  It has been crazy around here. 
Let me update you…
Mr. G broke a bone in his foot
E has been sick, possibly with migraines.  We are going to see a new pediatrician tomorrow morning
I  had bronchitis
Our dog had to have surgery to have two tumors removed

Yeah—nuts! So with all that going on, my blog and my crafty tendencies have fallen by the wayside.  So, since I have no pics of cool creations to post, I have decided instead to post a random ramblings top 10.

1.  I am currently watching “Billy the Exterminator” on Animal Planet with E.  He and C LOVE this show.  If you have not seen it, you really need to check it out.  It comes on every Tuesday evening from 7 to 9.
2.  Since we are talking TV—The RH of Beverly Hills has promise.  I watched it last week and already think these women are a hot mess in the making.
3.  Holy cow!! Next week is Halloween!!! How did it get here so fast?  E already has a costume but he is not happy with it.  C is thinking of being Frankenstein.  Since it falls on a Sunday this year, I think we are going to do some trunk or treats on Saturday night.
4.  we haven’t made it to the pumpkin patch yet.  We must go this weekend.  it is my fave fall thing to do with the boys and I will be so disappointed if we miss it this year
5.  If you have not seen the movie Gaurdians of Gholool (sp?) I HIGHLY recommend it.  My kids were completely captivated—E sat transfixed through the entire thing.  And, even though I am generally cheap and refuse, we saw it in 3D since it was C’s bday.  The animation was so good, i wanted to reach out and touch those owls.  I could see the tee tiny feathers on the owl’s beak!  It really was good—kind of a Narnia type story.
6.    I mentioned above that LuLu had to have surgery. She had two growths that had come up, one on her belly and one on the back of her leg.  They just didn’t look right so we got them checked out and the vet removed them.  Now she is a cone head.  She has NO depth perception with it on her head and poor girl keeps running in to EVERYTHING!  The boys say Oreo, the cat, is mocking her.  Also, Mr. G said it was a good thing that it wasn’t Oreo that needed surgery because he would have told the vet no way.  Isn’t that rude?! My poor cat gets no respect from these boys!
7.  I love fall—but I HATE having to buy pants for my kids.  If they fit in the waist the length is wrong, if we get the right length the waist is wrong.  Ugh!  I bought 3 pairs of jeans for C yesterday–1 fit.  So back to the store I go to exchange them—which is also low on my list of fun things to do .
8.  I got the cutest shoes yesterday when I went to get his pants! I’ll have to post pics.  My standard “uniform” for work is knit pants and tees since I spend the day dancing, sitting on the floor, jumping around, etc–well, flip flops are about to become impractical so I need some flat comfy shoes.  cheetah print and gray/black “snake skin” .  super cute!
9.  Annnnnnd—I saw two pairs similar somewhere else last week for 3x the price! I love a bargain!
10.  Finally, my youngest has just asked me to smell his armpits.  What?!!?!? He says “I want to know if I am stinky or not”  mmm, yeah no—smell yourself!  Boys are sooo weird!


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