The RH of Beverly Hills

Never before have I devoted an entire post to a TV show, and reality TV may seem like a weird choice but, if you have been reading the blog for awhile you know how much I love the RHs. 
These women from Beverly Hills are NUTS!!
Camille Grammer (Kelsey Grammer’s ex) comes off looking like a total snobby, trampy, B.  She has 4 nannies for 2 kids!!! But more importantly she flirts with every man within 10 feet of her—even if they are her friends husbands!!!  or her husband’s friends!  The divorce is supposed to play out on the show this season—-that should be interesting.
Kim is a anxious, dependent mess.  She can’t function without being surrounded by her kids.  Last week she got into a huge fight with her sister beause Kim didn’t want her 20 YEAR OLD daughter to go to visit her father for the summer!!! The girl is 20!!!! Not 12!!!! Kim was a child star for Disney.  She seems to think that she is still well known.  Umm, yeah no
Lisa is hysterical! She is British and pretty much says what she thinks, but tactfully.  I like her.
Kyle is Kim’s sister.  She is GORGEOUS!! and she seems to have a great relationship with her husband and kids.  I do think sometimes she should think before she speaks, especially to her sister.
Taylor is still a question mark to me.  She hasn’t really been shown a lot yet, she does seem frustrated/unhappy with her husband
Adrienne is the owner of the Palms casino.  On TV at least, despite her enormous wealth and power, she seems really grounded and down to earth.  I like her too.  I’m not sure about her husband and marriage though.
They have lots of drama for sure! Camille acted like a complete $%@ with the other ladies’ husbands in Vegas this week.  I think I would have to begin to exclude her from the group!


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