My Granny

My Granny is not feeling well so I thought I would write her a little something to make her smile.  Which this will, but it will also make her cry, because everything I do for her makes her cry, because she thinks I am the smartest, cutest, most talented, most wonderful 40 year old in the entire world.  Which is kind of THE job of a grandma, but in this case also happens to be true!
I spent lots of time with my grandparents when I was little so I have lot of Granny memories.  These are some of my favorites. ..
My Granny always had sour balls, maraschino cherries, and tootsie roll pops.  In the afternoons while she was watching Days of Our Lives, I would go in the kitchen and sneak maraschino cherries.  Of course I don’t think I was as sneaky as I thought since she always knew I was doing it. 
When I would spend the night at her house I would take a bath with Ivory soap and “swim” meaning I slid back and forth in the tub, I am sure sloshing water all over the floor but she never told me that I had to stop doing that.  She would always sleep with me because I had lots of nightmares and a tendency to sleep walk. 
In the mornings, I got to lay in her ENORMOUS king size bed and watch Capt Kangaroo and Sesame Street.  (I feel certain that her bed was much larger than any king size bed currently made) And, she would cook me oatmeal and I got to eat while in bed.  Doesn’t get any better than that!
She also made me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without the jelly and crusts–’cause that is how I liked them! And ooey, gooey, stringy grilled cheese with mozzarella or cheddar.  And while we are on the subject food, I also remember that she would buy Neopolitan ice cream in the 1/2 gallon bricks.  She would tear the carton on the side and slice the ice cream. 
I remember “playing tennis”  in the cul de sac, watching the Wizard of Oz, and cruising around in the big, black Cadillac as I sat on the arm rest (pre-carseat days) chewing Juicy Fruit gum.
I remember she used to make me dresses and that at Halloween she cut out pumpkins from orange craft paper and taped them to her sliding glass doors. 
I remember that just about every time I went to her house, I caught my fingers in the storm door—it is amazing that I have full function of any of my fingers. 
I remember the mango tree in the yard—and frozen mango slushies, she called them daquiris but I really don’t think she was liquorin’ me up. 
She always, and still does, called me baby doll.
I remember her getting her hair “done”—my Aunt Isabel either giving her a perm or “pulling it through a cap” to frost it. 
She always was making something–either cooking, sewing, crocheting, painting, etc. 
She still laughs when she tells the story about me and the song “Delta Dawn” and I laugh when she tells the story about the time she stuck a pearl in her nose.
Her chicken paprikash and keflies are without a doubt my two favorite things in the whole wide world to eat. 
My granny is a pretty cool chick! 🙂  So if you’d send a little prayer her way, I’d sure appreciate it and I know she would too. 
She’s crying like crazy now so I gotta go,
I love you Granny!  and just between you and me I remember Pink Squirrels too! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Granny

  1. Can I come play with you at your Granny's house? Sounds like it would be the best time…EVER! Your Granny is undoubtedly awesome! (((HUGS))) for her, and sending up a prayer. Happy Monday to you and Granny. :o)

  2. I loved, loved, loved reading this! I adore my Granny and it brought back lots and lots of happy memories from when I was a kid and we'd spend time with them on their farm. They live just around the corner now, but I still love going to visit so I can sneak a few M&M's on my way in.

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