Estate sales=depression and purging

Mr. G LOVES going to auctions.  I enjoy it but not near as much as he does. He can go and stay all day, while I prefer to go, check it out and then get on with my day.  Anywhoo, I have decided that the ones that are auctioning off things that belong to someone who has passed away are a little sad and depressing.  It is just depressing to see all these strangers tromping through someone’s home and pawing through things that someone treasured.  These experiences have led me to two conclusions…(1) what is a treasure to one person is junk to another (2) less is more.  Every time we go to an auction or estate sale, I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff.  Last weekend we went to one and the amount of things and stuff was amazing and overwhelming.  OMG I don’t know how all the stuff fit in the little bitty house!  It was crazy.  Which makes me come home and want to purge stuff.  You know, you start going through a drawer in the kitchen and think “What IS this?  Where did this come from?  Why did I keep THIS?  Ha! I’ve been looking for that!” and then at the end the drawer is 2/3 empty because most of what was in there was clutter and junk. 
Yesterday, I started purging/cleaning my closet.  3 weeks ago we went to an auction and part of what they had was stuff from a hotel that had shut down.  There were 10 storage tubs filled with wooden hangers.  No one was interested so I bid on them and got them for $5 a box! Mr. G. has been wanting to have all wooden hangers in our closet since we moved into our house 5 years ago—but those hangers are expensive! So now his dream can come true.  Well, I hadn’t done anything with the hangers yet because it was such a huge project.  But yesterday was the big day.  I went through every single piece of clothing in my closet and either put them in a pile to take to the local consignment store or switched to a wooden hanger to keep.   It is embarassing to admit how much i got rid of to take to the consignment store—truly, I am embarassed to tell   you.  But the remainder of my wardrobe looks GORGEOUS! Seriously, Mr. G’s side of the closet is embarassed to be near my side, because mine looks so amazing.  And it feels so good to have pared down and gotten rid of things that I don’t use or wear.  It just seems silly to me to keep things when I can sell them or pass them on to someone who will put them to good use.  Thankfully there are very, very few things that I am sentimental about, so I don’t think I will ever become a hoarder.  These boys I live with though—-definitely have hoarder potential!

This is MY beautiful, organized, neat, and tidy side of the closet
This is Mr. G’s messy, disorganized, unattractive side of the closet.  (sorry—for some reason Blogger is being obnoxious and turning this pic on it’s side even though I don’t want it to) Wouldn’t you be embarassed too?

3 thoughts on “Estate sales=depression and purging

  1. It must be a Depression era kind of thing. My grandparents are that way. I keep thinking, "Lord have mercy, I don't know what we'll do when we have to go through their things." I imagine it will be a lot like that estate sale. Love your organized closet. I'm totally jealous too, because those wooden hangers are awesome!

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