The day off…

It’s Monday and on Monday I don’t go to work.  I have gotten in the routine of taking lunch up to E on Mondays.  It is still a battle to get him to eat all his lunch everyday, even though he knows it is important to do so to prevent getting a migraine.  And, if I take him lunch I guarantee that at least one day of the week, he will eat.  So today, we are sitting together in the cafeteria and I said something about having to go to the grocery store next and suddenly he realizes that I’m not at work.  (I’m not sure what he thought previous to this, I guess that I was the lunch fairy or something) Anyway, he says “What?! You’ve got a day off?!? That’s not fair! I want to go home too.”  Which got me to thinking…..
Monday is soooooo not a day off for me.  Monday is simply the day that I don’t go to school and work.  Allow me to illustrate…
Up at 6:00 a.m.
Got kids ready for school
Made sure backpacks and lunches were ready to go
Emptied dishwasher
refilled dishwasher
scrubbed out kitchen sink
wiped down fridge inside and out
wiped down countertops
gathered together a pile of Halloween decorations to be packed up
swept floors
vacuumed carpets
started load of laundry #1
made  beds
filled car with gas
got car washed
went to bank
dropped C’s guitar off to be repaired
went to Target
got lunch for E
went home after said lunch to put laundry load 1 in dryer and 2 in washer
went to Walmart (ugh! which I only did because my husband asked me to)
came home and put away all groceries
folded laundry load 1, put 2 in dryer, and 3 in washer
cleaned 2 toilets (don’t ask—if you live with all boys you understand, if you don’t thank the Lord DAILY!!)
wiped down bathroom sinks
And now I am updating the blog.  In about 30 minutes, I get to go and pick up sassy Mr. E, then C, run C to guitar, go get some shoes for Mr. G, pick C up from guitar and then come home and make dinner. 
I think I work less when I am at school!
And just for the record, a real day off for me would include a nap, a good book and someone making me lunch. 
‘Nuff said!


4 thoughts on “The day off…

  1. I hear ya! Now, about those boys and the toilets…you have them scrub them down a few times and their aim will vastly improve. This works for all boys ages 5-55. For us, it's in the Family Chore Jar. It's marked, "Bowl Party" ;o) Take a break, girl and relax! If we lived closer together, I'd invite you over for a Margherita! :o)

  2. Yesterday seemed like that for me, only although I kept doing things, nothing seemed to be getting accomplished. I felt like I was stuck on a hampster wheel…lolNow following from FMBT

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