Oh my goodness gracious!

I cain’t hardly be-lee-vuh it! I have 78 followers on my little ole’ blog.  That is only 22 away from triple digits.  Who woulda thunk it? 
So I’ve got to give away a prize when we hit 100. I’ve just got to, it’s like mandatory in blogdom to do so. 
This weekend, I will be getting said prize ready and will post pics on Sunday.  So tell all your friends about Linus and Lulu–the sooner we get to 100 the sooner you get a chance at an awesome present!

Now, I need some help.  Mr.G. went to an auction this past weekend (I didn’t go–C and I were hanging out at pottery together).  Anyway, he came home with a great old printer’s tray.  But I’m not sure what to do with it.  He is against my modpodging or gluing or anything like that to it.  Any suggestions or ideas? 

And finally, I thought we would wrap up with a list of my top 10 (current) favorite products that are making my life better.  *Please note:  I am in no way being compensated for these endorsements but if the manufacturers wanted to send a few free coupons my way I’d be OK with that. 

10.  V8 Fusion with green tea—I do not generally drink juice (fruit or veggie) of any kind and I have tried several times but green tea grosses me out.  Which makes it doubly surprising that I would give this a try, but I did simply because of the health benefits of fruits, veggies and green tea.  (when are doughnuts going to have health benefits—but I digress)  Anyway, it’s pretty good.  I got the pomegranate one and I’ve been drinking it in the a.m. to take my morning vitamins.  I even bought a second bottle!
9.  Polenta–yes, this is supposedly very simple to make, but apparently I don’t have a very good recipe for it.  Besides, i can buy a premade tube all ready to go and enjoy the yumminess with alot less effort.  Topped with a little grated Parmesan after being warmed til crispy in the oven–I can eat half the tube by myself. 
8.  Quaker Oats—this is my fave go-to breakfast.  It fills me up, keeps my blood sugar level, and I feel like I’ve made a healthy choice when I eat it. 
7.  Gain mango-tango detergent—wow does my laundry smell good!
6.  Neutrogena Rainbath shower gel—I heart you!  Wow do I smell good!
5.  KABOOM foaming toilet cleaner –again, if you don’t have boys praise the Lord and thank Him daily that you don’t understand the fabulousness of this product.  If you have boys, you must get this! Really, I mean it.
4.  Dunkin’ donuts whole bean coffee—Some days just smelling it makes me smile–other days I actually need a cup or two before the smile.  And, yesterday, while I was at the freakshow that is Walmart, I saw—marshmallow mocha creamer.  I didn’t buy it since I just got a bottle of vanilla hazelnut the other day, but I am thinking that it will combine the greatness of coffee with the yumminess of hot chocolate.  I get back to you on it.
3.  Falsies mascara—I bought this on the recommendation of someone else and it is as good as I was told. I have very light/fair lashes so without mascara I have an odd look,  mascara is a must in my life and this is my fave so far.
2.  EOS lip balm in the odd little egg shaped container–the honeysuckle melon is my favorite.  it smells great, it feels great on my lips, and best of all–the shape makes it the one thing that is easy to locate in the pit that is my purse.
1.  And finally, my number one for today, my Blackberry.  You were completely “uncharged” today and I missed you so.  I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on you to fill my wait time and keep me informed during the day.  No e-mail, no facebook, no mah-jong while waiting in the carpool line.  I had to sit and wait without entertainment–oh how I missed you!

That’s all I got folks!


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