Umm…it’s November!!! Already!

It’s November.  NOVEMBER!!!! As in the next to last month of the year.  How in the heck did that happen?  I’m pretty sure we just had Christmas about 6, maybe 8, weeks ago.  And wasn’t it summer time, just last week?  I’m certain it was.  So, how did it get to be NOVEMBER!!?? 
See I’ve got stuff to do.  Stuff I’ve been planning on doing since January.  And then I didn’t do it.  So I was going to do it this summer.  And then I didn’t do it.  And now it is November… so I gotta do it, or at least get started.  Number 1 on my stuff to do list is to get moving more.  My family and I spend a lot of time sitting.  We need to spend more time moving–well three of us do—-E moves alot! The rest of us not so much. So, C and I have made a deal.  We are going to be exercise buddies, and if we get in shape and get healthier then we are going on a trip together this summer.  (Mr. G only gets to go if he gets moving too, and location depends on if E gets to go)
So, today–I came home from school, leashed up the dog and headed out for a walk.  Miss LuLu and I walked 1.25 miles today.  So that is the new plan, make it a habit instead of a once in a while occurence.  Poor doggie, she essentially collapsed in the middle of the living room as soon as we got back in the house! she should sleep good tonight.  🙂
My other things I’ve got to do are more “chorey”  I need to touch up paint around the house, remove some bushes from the flower beds, give my cabinet doors a good scrubbing down, etc.  Boring stuff, but stuff I never seem to get to—life keeps getting in the way.  🙂
What’s still on your to do list since January?


One thought on “Umm…it’s November!!! Already!

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