I haven’t forgotten about you, I’m just busy

Sorry, (I seem to say that alot on here) I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve just been swamped.  I know, I know, reading the latest installment of my blog is what makes you get out of bed every morning and I am sorry I have not provided that motivation for the last week.  But let me tell you what has been going on…
My last entry was posted exactly a week ago.  It happened that the crazy Mr. E got a sty and the school called me to pick him up because the nurse was afraid it was pink eye.  (yeah, don’t get me started on that one) Anywho, I picked him up at 11 and spent the remainder of the day home with him.  That afternoon he started complaining his stomach hurt.  The whole night, he woke up off and on whimpering and crying that his tummy hurt.  Wednesday arrives and off to the doctor we go.  We ended up seeing the P.A. because his pediatrician was out for the afternoon.  The PA said that she thought he was just getting  a stomach virus and that as soon as the vomiting started the cramping would stop and he would feel better.  She did test him for urinary infection, strep and appendicitis and all were negative.  So $69 we went back home in the exact same condition we arrived. He cried off and on all night again.  Thursday I took him to stay with g’ma because I HAD to be at work on Thursday and Friday.  G’ma calls me at lunch and says he is crying because his tummy hurts so bad.  Pick him up, take him back to pediatrician, this time we see his new doc—and we find out he has an upper bowel impaction and to ice that cake the sty has a staph infection.  Yeah, you read that right.  So, end result is he is on Miralax for two weeks to clear the blockage and 6 tsps of antibiotics a day to clear up the eye.  He essentially missed the whole week of school, so as you can imagine, he was not really on board with heading back yesterday.
In the meantime, I am off this week so I spent the entire day yesterday running errands, 10 stops around town, thank you.  And I’ve been crafting my fingers off.  Pics to come later today—-I hope. 
And somewhere in between I need to get my Christmas decorations up, my house cleaned, make a jello salad and pecan pies for Thanksgiving, annnnd see who/what I still need to buy for Christmas gifts.  I think I need a personal assistant/shopper/house keeper/cook.  Anyone interested in the position?  The pay isn’t great but I am told I am entertaining to be around. 🙂

Sorry—one last thought.  I had to buy candy corn for Mr. E’s class to make Thankful Snack Mix today.  Can you only buy it during Halloween?  I hate candy corn so I don’t usually look for it.  But of course, yesterday when I needed to buy the stuff I couldn’t find it anywhere. I searched four stores and couldn’t find it.  Ahh, the trials and tribulations of being me…..talk atttcha soon!


One thought on “I haven’t forgotten about you, I’m just busy

  1. Goodness, what a time you've had! And poor guy…I know that's so painful, on top of having a sty with a staph infection!I hope you get tons and tons of rest and have a chance to relax! Make those boys take good care of you!

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