Ooops! Pardon me while I trip over my life

Ya’ know how sometimes you have a plan, and you are just tripping along and then BOOM! Life gets in your way.  Car breaksdown, kid gets sick, you get sick, extra assignments at work, whatever–just something you weren’t planning on and you get thrown off track.  Unfortunately, it seems to happen to me alot at this time of year.  Which is very frustrating to me because there is so much to do and enjoy right now. 
Tomorrow is the Christmas program at the school I work at, this has been a bit challenging for me.  This is the 2nd year that I have been in charge of teaching the kids music to sing during the program.  This year the program format is different though and their have been various challenges leading up to this one.  The end result is that I am just ready for it to be over.  Truly, I feel like come 7:30 tomorrow night I will have cleared one of those major “life” hurdles I was was talking about earlier. 
So, this post was jusst to keep you up to date.  After tomorrow, I am hoping to be able to blog more and share more project with you than I have been doing lately. 


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