Oy Vey!!! Calgon take me away!!!!

Hands down the hardest thing I do each day is disciplining my children.  I hate the wrangling, the consequences, all of it.  I keep waiting for the moment at which they “get it” and make all the right choices on their own—that does happen eventually right?
Both my boys have a temper.  When C was little he threw some outrageous temper tantrums.  We eventually worked through it and helped him to understand that the behavior was inappropriate.  Now, we are working with E.  The big thing is when they lose it with each other.  So today, they were disagreeing about what to do when we got home from school.  E wanted to go outside and play, C didn’t.  So I sat them both down, helped them to talk through and “use their words” to explain to the other what was frustrating/upsetting, etc.  Sounds good right?  So we get to the point where we reach a compromise–they are going to play the Wii together.  E is going to pick out 3 games and from those 3 C gets to choose which one they will play.  Terrifiic!  Umm, yeah, not so much.  E wanted to play one particular game so he kept changing the other two choices in an attempt to force C to play the game he (E) had selected.  The end result was each of them being sent to their respective rooms and me beginning to wish that I imbibe. 
So now, E is standing in the doorway of his room wimpering and every few minutes I hear a plaintive “mom?”  I have told him that he is staying in that room until his dad gets home (in appx 15 minutes).  Now, it would not be at all unusual for me to cave and go in his room and talk to him about his behavior.  He then says, he knows, he’s sorry, etc. However, that has gotten me nowhere except into this situation.  So, I am holding firm and ignoring the wimpering. 
Ack! Where is a super nanny when you need one?


One thought on “Oy Vey!!! Calgon take me away!!!!

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